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The Finnish centre for information, culture and civic activities in Viipuri (Vyborg)

The Viipuri Centre was founded by the following organisations:

Handelsgillet i Wiborg r.f.
Karjala Klubi ry
Karjalan Liitto ry
Viipurin Suomalainen Kirjallisuusseura ry
Wiipuri-Yhdistys ry


The Viipuri Centre for information, culture and civic activities strives to promote interaction between Finns and the present inhabitants of Viipuri (now called Vyborg) as well as to encourage a deeper understanding, on both side of the Finnish-Russian border, of the history, culture and present-day reality of the city of Viipuri and the Karelian Isthmus. With the aim of stimulating exchanges of information and experience between Finns and local residents, the Centre arranges meetings and lectures by experts.

The project has received funding under the EU Interreg III programme for south-east Finland.

Information about the history and present-day life of the Viipuri region

At events arranged by the Viipuri Centre, experts tell about the region and its development today. The present-day residents of Viipuri are provided with in-depth information about the history of the region and Karelian culture. During these events, which are arranged in several languages, experts on the history of the region outline the background to the most interesting places, the various stages in the history of Viipuri and environs as well as research in both Finland and Russia in relation to the region.

Cultural exchange

The Centre promotes exchanges of exhibitions of works by artists from Viipuri and Finland and arranges exhibitions featuring old and contemporary art from Viipuri. Exhibitions of fine arts and photographs describing old Viipuri are held both locally and in Finland. To enliven cultural exchanges between Finns visiting Viipuri and the city's inhabitants, courses on traditional food, genealogy and the work of associations are jointly arranged, in addition to which there are two-way cross-border exchanges of visits by artists.

Contacts with the business world

Seminars at which Finnish experts and representatives of local authorities and business life tell Finns about the economy of Viipuri and its surroundings, legislation and administration are held in Viipuri and Finland. People interested in going into business in the region are given information on matters connected with establishing a company and getting operations under way in Russia. The Centre also provides assistance in finding cooperation partners on both sides of the border.

Developing the activities of organisations

The Viipuri Centre is trying to support democratic development in Finland's neighbouring regions. One way in which it does this is to help familiarise people in these regions with the development of western democracy by outlining the activities of non-governmental organisations and explaining the principles on which western civil society operates to local associations. The Centre helps Finnish non-governmental organisations wishing to establish relations with bodies in the Viipuri region or launch cooperation projects in various sectors.

Language courses and Suomi-klubi

To promote interaction between Finns and residents of Viipuri, the Centre arranges language courses, including intensive ones in Russian. To support these courses it also arranges many visits to places in Viipuri, a cultural programme and outings to the city's surroundings. Suomi-klubi (Finland Club), which meets once a month, provides a meeting place for Finns and Viipuri residents interested in Finland. Lectures there are in Finnish. This gives people in Viipuri who are studying Finnish an opportunity to practise the language.

Promoting tourism

For visitors to Viipuri and the surrounding region, the Centre regularly provides information about services and various cultural events. It offers Finnish companies in the tourism sector an opportunity to market their services in Viipuri. It also provides the local inhabitants with information on Finnish tourism services and potential cooperation partners in this sector in Finland.

Information work

Information and advisory services are an important part of the Viipuri Centre's work. The Centre provides regular information about cultural and other events in Viipuri and the region using its Internet site, brochures which are distributed free of charge and its e-mailing lists.

The Centre compiles information on life in the locality today and produces info packages on the following themes:

  • Tourism and accommodation services as well as tour organisers in Viipuri and on the Karelian Isthmus.
  • The activities of authorities and administrative bodies in the Viipuri region.
  • Non-governmental organisations in Viipuri and on the Karelian Isthmus and their international cooperation.
  • Economic life in Viipuri and on the Karelian Isthmus.
  • New laws and regulations in Russia and their application in practice.
Other services

The Viipuri Centre provides Finnish visitors to Viipuri with Internet and similar telecommunications services and when necessary arranges premises for meetings, seminars and exhibitions. It also liases with providers of interpretation, guide, consultancy and other services. If necessary, the staff at the Centre quickly arrange help for Finnish visitors who find themselves in difficulties.

The Viipuri Centre has offices in Viipuri and Helsinki.

How to contact us:

Viipuri office:
Krasnoarmeiskaja 13, 2nd floor
Tel: +7 81378-26898
Fax: +7 81378-26898
E-mail: viipuri-keskus@vbg.ru

Helsinki office:
Karjalatalo, 3rd floor
Käpylänkuja 1
00610 Helsinki
Tel: 09-2722430
Fax: 09-7288 1710
E-mail: helsinki@viipurikeskus.fi


Kuvassa on Piispankatu eli Podgornaja ulitsa.

Karjalatalo, 3. kerros,
Kapylankuja 1,
00610 Helsinki.
puh. 09-2722430
fax: 09-7288 1710
sähköposti: viipuri-keskus@vbg.ru

ul. Krasnoarmeiskaja 13, 2.krs
(ent. Mustainveljestenkatu, Asiakaspalvelu arkipäivinä klo 12.00 - 16.00)
puh/fax: +7 813 78 26898
sähköposti: viipuri-keskus@vbg.ru